the christmas day antihangover

most restaurants I follow on Twitter used today as an advertisement for their “post-hangover breakfast”. decidedly, I have an antihangover, after a day of eating far too many pastries, opening gifts, and napping a lot. though there is something to be said about the marie antoinette lifestyle, today I was eager to get back on the michelle obama grind.

that meant going to the gym.

I am not at all fit, so my general gym attire features all black, which creates the illusion that I somehow fit into the über buff gym crowd, when I am, in fact, a pale teenage girl with no muscle tone.

(this works, because today they didn’t make me wear an under 18 wristband. score.)

apparently the majority of people in my area had an antihangover too, because all of the ellipticals were full. I used a miscellaneous sprinty machine and did a 15 minute sprint and left. for sweat reasons and tired reasons. also, the man next to me was dripping sweat all over my jacket.

next I took a bath, because marie antoinette had some things right.


my best friends addie and trey bought me a lush bath bomb for my birthday back in august. I decided to save it for the “perfect time”, but then I realized the perfect time does not exist, thus, I used it today.

it exploded in and smelled nice. it also left tiny hearts in my bath, and I am totally content if they never go away.

(this was just a test shot, but I thought my curtains made nice shadows on my ceiling)

my mom still can’t drive because of surgical recovery. today my dad brought home groceries and it was pretty exhilarating. thus, lunchtime ensued.

new krispy kreme k-cups! even more delicious than expected.

pause from the brewing process, because my adorable pup came over to see what the fuss was about.

bryn is remarkably photogenic. she will frequently appear on this blog because she is the cutest beagle in the world. (not a hyperbole)


baby arugula is one of my favorite health foods, but it expires so quickly! yay for new baby arugula at the neff house.

i had that with raspberry vinaigrette and toast with cherry preserves and cashew butter. my delicious coffee accompanied it, with coffeemate’s seasonal peppermint mocha creamer because it is a christmas staple.

my super-great boyfriend bought me this book from urban outfitters about photography. I highly recommend it. it is wholly unpretentious and comprehensible, and it has taught me a lot already even though I am only halfway through. it also includes photo accompaniment and the examples help immensely.

then it was off to work in my festive scarf and jeans that feel like sweatpants. all is well in the world. winter break, we are going to be great friends.