ladies' day out

hi guys!

I've been gone awhile!

I have a whole post I wrote before this about Jordan's visit. We had the most amazing weekend together a couple of weeks ago! I'm still gathering my thoughts into a more cohesive post. 

Midterms are FINALLY over so I just wanted to get a short little post out there about this past Thursday! It was too much fun, I had to share with you guys!


My mom and my second mom Mrs. Thompson visited me for the day to see Jimmy Fallon!

I won tickets about a month ago. I forget the day, but somehow my mom knew that the next month of tickets were released on a certain day. I logged on at the opening time, and the site crashed. I was initially disappointed and put myself on the wait list. A week or two later I got an email saying I made it off the waitlist and that I was invited to bring 4 guests to the show!

Mom and Mrs T got in around 9 am and came straight to my dorm. My mom and I are so close and have been apart since August so I was overjoyed to see her! Mrs. Thompson is one of my favorite people, I'm so lucky she came to accompany my mom! I nanny for her two children all summer and we have adventures around Raleigh, I miss Z and C dearly!

After a quick detour to Hotel Penn, our tummies were growling so we took the subway right to Jack's Wife Freda on Carmine St.



I was looking forward to getting a rosewater waffle, but it turns out that's only at the Lafayette St location, so I settled for an orangle blossom pancake which was pretty incredible!

After that, we went shopping at the Madewell in SoHo. My mom treated me to some overalls I had been wanting forever, which was so sweet of her! We then spent a little more time in SoHo before taking a Lyft over to Chelsea Market. 

We were a bit pressed for time, so we only meandered through Anthropologie and the Designer's Market (set up in that rotating central space). I got the cutest little print for my room to complete my empty wall!


We then took the High Line back toward their hotel to get ready for the show. The leaves had started to change from the last time I walked the High Line a few weeks prior. I love that view of the city, it's nice to be above the busy blocks all with some trees and public art!


We met up with my lovely friend Ama and took a Lyft to Rockefeller Center for the show!

NBC was so wonderful and accommodating, the Tonight Show was the greatest experience.

We arrived and were ushered up the grand staircase into the Peacock Room and waited there before ascending another elevator to the taping room. No photos were allowed, but we did take some afterward and NBC took one of us!


Jimmy was SO funny and sweet. The night we went, the guests included Will Forte, surprise guests Rachel Dratch and Jon Hamm (swoon), A-Rod, Kate Upton, and Steve Martin & Edie Brickell performing. Kate Upton was absolutely detestable and had one of the worst interviews I've ever seen (even Jimmy looked uncomfortable hahaha), but it was all made up for with an amazing show and great surprise guests!!! Someone in the audience even won World Series tickets!

Afterward we stopped in the NBC store for some souvenirs (I chose some Jimmy Fallon PJs). 


We took the subway downtown to the Lower East Side to try the much buzzed about Beauty & Essex. 


It absolutely blew me away. Best dining experience I've had so far in this city by far.


If you're looking for a supreme ladies' night dinner place, this is your spot.

You enter through a pawn shop into a three-floor wonderland that looks like it is straight out of a Fitzgerald novel. Leather couches, a spiral staircase, and a grand chandelier are there to greet you when you arrive. 

We headed upstairs to dine. To my delight they had a ton of virgin drinks to choose from which is always fun for me! I got the Garnet Gimlet which was great!

For dinner we ordered a range of appetizers. I could only eat the vegetarian ones, so the ones that I remember are the butternut squash ravioli (incredible), the onion rings with miso mustard (a fantastic twist on a classic), but most notably, the grilled cheese and tomato dumplings. Oh my gosh, you guys. I couldn't do it. So good. These are not overhyped. You just have to experience them.


The bathroom in this place is downstairs and my god is it amazing. There is complimentary champagne and the set up is just gorgeous. Obviously I don't drink so I didn't take any champagne but as someone who appreciates a good restaurant bathroom, I was pretty in awe. This was on another level.


After dinner we left feeling fulfilled yet still had enough room for dessert. We took a small trek over to my FAVORITE ice cream place in Manhattan, Ice & Vice.

While the Lower East Side is not exactly the hottest place in the city, this place makes it well-worth the trek down there! 


We spent a good half hour sampling their many inventive flavors and chatting with the ice cream scooper! You can tell that the employees are so passionate about their work. It's such a fun little place.

I ended up getting the Basic B ("you haven't had vanilla ice cream ever in your life until you've had this" he was right.) with strawberry basil soda. It was stunning. I was having a very basil-esque week this week, I bought a basil plant so I could make my caprese salad for some meals this week as well as enjoy some blackberry basil water which is my favorite! This tied it all up nicely.


After that we took a Lyft up to a Herald Square H&M (there are 3 in Herald Square. THREE) to look for some last minute Halloween props. I found my suspenders so my Eloise costume was complete!

me as Eloise on Halloween! a bit makeshift. shoes and top by Anthropologie, suspenders from H&M, skirt probably 5 years old from American Eagle!

me as Eloise on Halloween! a bit makeshift. shoes and top by Anthropologie, suspenders from H&M, skirt probably 5 years old from American Eagle!

We headed back to the hotel for my bags and stopped by my dorm for a bit so I could get ready for bed.

Still a bit hungry, we were on the prowl for some late night pizza. We stopped into Cavallo's which closed as soon as we got there, but we were lucky enough to spot David Duchovny and his son in there grabbing pizza! 

We ended up going to 2 Bros, an NYC staple. Many of my wonderful late nights in the city are benchmarked with 2 Bros Pizza.


Lastly, we said au revoir to Ama and trekked back to the hotel to watch our Jimmy Fallon episode then sleep. It was so nice sleeping next to my mom again like I did when I was a little girl. I'm so lucky to have grown up with such an amazing role model and person. My mom is the strongest, most positive person I know and I feel so blessed to have her. 

The next day we woke up early, grabbed some coffee and said our goodbyes. My mom will be back in a month for a Neff family NYC Thanksgiving, which I'll be sure to update you guys on! My dad will be here this weekend because it's Parents' Weekend and he is coincidentally nearby on business. Can't wait to spend time with him!

All in all, I could not feel more lucky to be living out my dreams in the greatest city in the world. I hope you all have a lovely start to your November and enjoy this upcoming holiday season!

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