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hey! it's been awhile.

most bloggers/youtubers/internet-ers who take a significant period off talk about how busy they were.

yes, I was/am busy. but I did not stop thinking about this blog and all of you nice people for one single second! in fact, quite the contrary.

I spent the past month researching a new blogging host and redesigning/relaunching Coffee + Civility, as well as planning for the future. 


out with the old and in with the new. I want to present you guys with the highest quality photos and content possible, and Wordpress charged high premiums for that, unfortunately. 

after a bit of research, I fell in love with Squarespace, settled in, and bought a domain. we're expecting our second child now. a lot happens in a month, you guys. 

some things that happened this month:


was a finalist for homecoming queen!


got into the University of North Carolina!



helped organize my school's Spirit Week with my StuCo pals!


dressed up as Leslie Knope along with other amazing Parks fans from my school!


 did another photoshoot with the incredible Gillian Carlin! (more photos coming soon)


went to Virginia to see some awesome Shakespeare!


started a new job working as a princess at birthday parties and events in the area! 


was in my last high school theatre performance!


hey, january/early february, thanks for being the best.

also, as of february 4th, I am 97% of the way to adulthood. how ridiculous is that? so ridiculous.

I've thought of a lot of ideas for the future of this little happy place on the Internet. here are some new things for you guys:

  • you can subscribe now to be emailed when I post something new! (I won't be annoying, promise.) a subscription box will be at the bottom of each post!
  • there is a poll up on the new "Poll" page! please vote on what you want my first contest prize to be, or suggest a different prize on the "Talk" page! your responses are emailed right to my inbox!
  • you may have noticed the SHOP tab up there... I am working with my amazing coworker Amy on some handmade items for the store. 
  • you can also read more about me on the "about me" page. unfortunately I am tragically dull and find biographies hard to write. help, please, someone.

I didn't want this post to be an overload, so I'm going to save some big news for the next post.

I think you are all going to really like it. it involves photos of you beautiful people!

thank you for sticking around, friends. I hope you check back soon! I have a lot of new ideas and I can't wait to see what you think.

love, emily

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