c+c's first contest!

Thank you all SO much for your participation in C+C's first poll last month! The topic was about the FIRST C+C contest item you would like to win. The winner is....

A Madewell monogrammed wallet!

(but that’s not all…)

I also decided to throw in a free photo session with me (if you live in the Triangle area) and Coffee and Civility’s brand new logo decal, designed by me and created by the incredible Amy

the decal! it won't necessarily be this color. also, sorry about my nails.

the decal! it won't necessarily be this color. also, sorry about my nails.

a sample of my work

a sample of my work

now, the contest begins.

photo by Lyd

photo by Lyd

I purchased this monogrammed Madewell wallet for a friend for Christmas (above) and it turned out to be gorgeous, but unfortunately, they discontinued the monogramming on that specific wallet. Instead, here are 4 choices you may choose from!

A Madewell monogrammed iPhone 5/5S/6 case (more colors available)

a Madewell monogrammed key fob (available in navy, black, or brown) (this is a cool item for the male readers especially, you can get it without a monogram if preferred! or just with a single letter)

a Madewell monogrammed wallet (not the same as the one I purchased during Christmas time, but still cute!)

and finally, the Madewell pouch wallet (the one displayed earlier!) (no monogramming is available at this time, but there is one more color option on the site)

To win:

As a lot of you may know, I have created a shirt to raise awareness of the prevalence of rape in the US. 1 in 5 women in the US are raped in their lifetime, however, 98% of rapists never spend a day in jail. This miscarriage of justice is emotionally devastating to victims and their families. It is a problem especially because the majority of people are not comfortable enough to confront the reality of the issue. Many universities are being investigated by the Department of Justice for their mishandling of rape cases. Rape victims are often isolated and told not to report the crime to the police. Media coverage on rape is consistently biased against the victim, placing blame upon them rather than commending them for their bravery in reporting their case and shaming the criminal. 

The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network aims to end the stigma around rape and sexual assault. They provide medical, legal, and emotional assistance to rape victims. They also pilot several educational efforts to increase the awareness of rape.

The purple stars on the shirt represent women, and each green star is a women who is a victim of rape. My goal with this project is to display the urgency of the issue visually.

All of the proceeds I receive from the shirt will go to RAINN to assist their efforts. We've raised over $200 so far!

booster.com/1in5 for more information

booster.com/1in5 for more information

Here's where you guys come in!

I have sold 56 shirts so far. My goal is 100. I have 6 DAYS left to sell that many! I need your help!

Here's how to win a Madewell small leather good of your choice, a free photo session with me, and a decal:

You receive an entry into the contest for doing any of the following:

Promoting the 1 in 5 Project on Facebook - 1 entry

Promoting the 1 in 5 Project on Instagram - 1 entry

Promoting the 1 in 5 Project on Twitter - 1 entry

Purchasing a shirt from the 1 in 5 Project - 3 entries

the more posts you make/shirts you purchase, the higher chance you have of winning!

when you tweet or post, please include the link to the shirts (booster.com/1in5) and mention me in the post! my instagram and twitter names are @neffily, and my Facebook name is Emily Neff.

you have a high likelihood of winning, considering that the contest is only running for 6 days and you won't have too many competitors! it doesn't hurt to enter!

I am choosing a winner using a random number generator (thank you, AP Stats). I will be announcing the winner on March 20th. If you are the winner, I will get in contact with you to set up a photography date and let you pick your product!

if you have already purchased a shirt/promoted it on social media, comment below if you'd like to be entered into this contest and I will make note of your entries!

thank you SO MUCH for your support, and good luck!!