art et fleurs

growing up, my parents have always had this painting with the phrase "art et fleurs" printed on it. I figured this was something "trés parisienne", but yesterday this was debunked. I had the pleasure of attending the North Carolina Museum of Art's Art in Bloom exhibit. It runs March 19th-22nd, so hurry in while you can! Entry to the exhibit costs $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers, and I felt that it was well worth the price.

Lauren and I were by far the youngest people there by choice (some parents brought their adorable, artistic-looking five year olds). we received a lot of judgmental looks (and some judgmental comments) from the older ladies and gents in attendance, but that was so worth it to see the amazing arrangements. The exhibit was packed with people, which is great for the art museum and really added to the experience.

after walking around for awhile, we grabbed coffee and cupcakes at the museum's coffee bar! 

we both had the violet vanilla latte, which is the best latte I've ever had in my life, hands down. La's came complete with adorable sprinkles!

the cupcake was sweet as can be and delicious. an older couple sat across from us and we had a long conversation about universities, art, and restaurants, which was so lovely. 

afterwards we hit up Sola Coffee Café for lunch and I got to see the wonderful Luther family. All in all, a fantastic day at the exhibit. I encourage you to attend if you have the chance! If not, their summer concert series and outdoor films are superb.

below is some silliness.


this is my posture 24/7 and it needs to stop. coffee in one hand, phone in the other, camera in lap. always attentive, as you can see.


I encourage you all to go if you get the opportunity!

and the contest winner is… Julia MacKinnon!!!

thank you to everyone who entered, I will be sure to do another contest asap!

as always, thank you so much for reading the thoughts that I put out into the universe. 

I am hoping to have a few more posts up in the coming weeks. I have quite a bit of material saved up from January and February, and I am finally getting the hang of Squarespace (my new blog host), so things should be a bit more smooth from here on out!

I'm going to Asheville Sunday! I've never been, tell me in the comments some fun things to do and places to go!

love you all, 



ince this is kinda a fashion blog:

shirt, Madewell; jacket, BB Dakota; skirt, actually a dress from American Eagle in disguise; heels: Madewell; bag: Kate Spade New York

all photos by Lauren and I