senior prom!

last night was my senior prom.

what a fantastic, wonderful ride.

first I'll go into the fashion things before all of the excitement (sorry, I know, but I'm going to fashion school this fall and I have to prepare).

I ordered my dress off of the designer is Marchesa Notte. I could not recommend this enough! I am a complete perfectionist about dressing up so I wanted a perfect dress for a price that wouldn't kill me. I ended up paying about $175 to rent this $1500 dress. I was completely in love with it, and I'm not stuck with a dress I half-like that I'll never wear again. The company has great communication and also sent free samples of some other products along with the dresses! I also found a coupon for $25 off my first order. definitely will be ordering from them again. the dress shipped the day before, which freaked people out when I told them, but I had total trust in the company and they came through. you also get 2 sizes when you order so you're sure to get the right fit. 

you can't really see them, but the heels are just navy and black ones from Madewell I had already.

I did my hair, makeup, and nails myself. yay for saving money!


if you want a dependable matte red lipstick, this is Ruby Woo by MAC. It looks classic every time. It's also blue-toned so it makes your teeth look whiter, fun beauty fact for ya there.

the photos

the evening started out with photos at a local seminary with my amazing group of friends and my lovely parents.

if you needed proof of how great they are, a few of us decided to bring our puppy dogs to take photos with us. 


my friends Logan and Sophie have two precious 2 month old beagle puppies and Bryn about died of excitement. LOOK AT HER LIL FACE. if we're snapchat friends, you may have seen the video of them playing. I may or may not watch it at least 4 times a day.



group photos!

when your date is 30 minutes late for pictures and you look dateless in your group photos, hahaha. 

I went to prom with my friend Ty! he's fluent in German and is learning to speak 20 other languages. not a big deal or anything. 

more friend photos… featuring La and Kate!

after a lot of compliments and photos, we headed over to dinner.

we ended up waiting quite awhile, so Heads Up playing ensued.

we finally were seated! we went to a seafood restaurant so I ordered a few sides instead of a meal. logan recommended the sweet potato mash and it tastes like straight up thanksgiving and happiness.

be proud mom, I actually ordered one healthy side.

then we went to prom!!!

prom holds a special place in my heart this year because Gianni, Lauren, Mrs. Kaufman, and I all worked really hard to make the Southern Chic theme come together. being on student council all four years and being an executive this year has been such a rewarding experience. it made me so proud to see all of StuCo's hard work come together! thank you to the underclassmen and Mrs. Kaufman who helped set up while we were getting ourselves ready for prom! 


It was such a great time.

Perks of being on StuCo: at the end, Gianni and I copped all of the bisuits.



after prom was amazing, as well. It included a hot tub, tea, driving around listening to the Beatles, Sheetz at 3am, Cards Against Humanity, more puppies, and great friends. We all ended up leaving Logan and Sophie's house around 5:30 because we didn't want to leave each other. 

I'm just super, super grateful for life right now.

thank you for all of your kindness. wishing you a safe and happy prom and season!



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