what I've been reading lately - may 2015

senior year is finally coming to a close. It hasn't hit me completely, but it is beginning to in small moments.  As I left my testing room in Appleby Hall today after the AP Lit exam, I realized I would never take another 3 hour long test in that humid little room. I took a photo out of the window. My heart felt a little less full as I walked out.

bye bye, Appleby

bye bye, Appleby

with the year ending and my responsibilities diminishing, I've had a lot more time to read for fun, which has been long-awaited. High school is such a whirlwind. In the past whenever I've had a seemingly-free moment, I've thought of something else to do for school, but now I finally can just pull out a book and read for fun like I did back in middle and elementary school. It's been weird not having books as a huge part of my life. I missed it.


 #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

I adored this book. It was pretty much a necessary read since I'm pursuing a career in the fashion industry. The whole book is full of Sophia's career and life advice based on her experiences. I found myself highlighting nearly every line. Her advice resonated with me so much. Life advice books can often feel pretentious and demeaning, but this felt so genuine. Sophia did not attend Harvard law school or study at Stanford for years, she became a billionaire by working really hard for what she loves without any shortcuts or higher education. She also included "Portraits of a #GIRLBOSS" segments, which were little blurbs written by other successful women in the industry. 

I think this is an important read for any girl in their teens or twenties. Sophia is all about women realizing their self-worth. It is a powerful book with humor and eccentricity, I would recommend it highly. 



 We Were Liars by E Lockhart 

I picked up this book because my friend's girlfriend (hey Sam!!!) had tweeted about it awhile back and my former AP World teacher/all around wonderful human being Spence recommended it.  and on a shallower note, the cover makes me want it to be summer right now. 

The number one thing people will tell you about this book is that it has a big twist ending. This is true, but try to simply read it in a relaxed manner like any other book. I became too obsessed with guessing the twist ending that I was preoccupied for the majority of the book. And no, I still did not guess the ending completely (or even remotely) correct. Poop.

I was not huge on the writing style of this book. I felt like the phrasing was a bit cliché, young author-y. The characters were also a bit confusing, but you only really need to know who 4 of the characters are, so not a big deal. Overall this was an enjoyable read. I thought the plot was interesting and the way it was revealed ensured the perfect amount of suspense. Even though I wasn't too attached to the characters, I still had to catch my breath when the true outcome was revealed. I did enjoy the book and it made me realize how much I missed reading YA novels! Eleanor and Park is definitely next on my YA list.


first though, I need to read Rules of Civility. It is part of the name inspiration for this blog and it has been sitting on my nightstand for approximately a year and a half, untouched. Also I need to finish Mrs. Kennedy and Me. And I need to read Love of the Last Tycoon because it's my Lit teacher's favorite book and I miss reading Fitzgerald. SO MANY BOOKS. And finally time to read them. 

(lowkey I instagrammed this 16 months ago, that's how bad I am) 

(lowkey I instagrammed this 16 months ago, that's how bad I am) 


i have finally gotten into Gossip Girl lately after much peer pressure. The general consensus was "you can't move to NYC without having seen all of Gossip Girl," so here I am. It's pretty catty and mindless, but it is nice to watch at the gym while running on the elliptical. I'm only on season 2. I'm not sure how people finish the series, it's so many seasons with 22 45 minute long episodes. I also need to tackle Friends and countless other shows, but I'm holding off. Netflix overwhelms me. Also, I don't think I'll ever be over Parks.

Proof that Gossip Girl is constructive: I'm currently in rehearsal for Shakespearean scene studies (put on by the Actors Ensemble). Logan (Romeo) and I (Juliet) have decided to that our characters are essentially 14th century Chuck and Blair. It's going to be great. It's also May 27th at 1pm (after the first period exam) if you want to come!

Romeo and Juliet af  

Romeo and Juliet af  

Hope you all are enjoying this lovey spring weather! if you have any novel, TV, or movie recommendations that are necessary to see before moving to NYC, please let me know! I have all summer.