if you want to find love, then you know where the city is

hi friends!

it's been about 4 months. 

a lot has happened in that time. I graduated from high school. I wanted to write something wax poetic about how a chapter of my life is over, but it doesn’t feel that way yet. To be honest, it hasn’t hit me as much as I thought it would. I loved high school, it was a great four years for me. I learned a ton about subjects I love and equally as much about myself. I participated in a lot of clubs that made me feel fulfilled. I planned dances, volunteered, and ate at Taco Bell really late at night. I traveled. I fell in love (twice). I made amazing friends. I did (legal) things that originally scared me. I was a part of things bigger than myself. I developed views on issues and became brave enough to voice them. I found amazing mentors in some of my teachers. I left with a smile on my face, a signed diploma in my hand, and a brand new life in front of me.


I’m not one to dwell on the past, but I know I will always remember my four years as a fond adventure.

I took the summer off of blogging to focus on work and enjoying my last summer at home. I worked as a nanny and at a boutique that I've been working at for quite a while. It was a great summer! I wrote a long post about it, but it was pretty redundant and I figured the majority of you aren't interested in my Netflix accomplishments (yes I did finish Gossip Girl and Orange is the New Black, end of story).  I was also able to visit St. John, USVI which pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, I loved every minute. I'll post about that in the winter when it's about -16 degrees in NYC and all I'll be thinking about is a tropical vacation.


Speaking of, I live in New York City now!

my dorm room  

my dorm room  

I've been here about a week in a half and I'm stupid in love with it. You know your one friend who's waaaay too into her boyfriend and posts at least 6 photos with him a week? That's me with this city. if you follow me on social media, you definitely know that by now (neffily on instagram, twitter, and snapchat). 


I'm not here just to eat at cute restaurants and explore, as my instagram posts may lead you to believe. I am here to continue my education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications. It's my first week and I already love it. FIT believes in hiring professors who have an abundance of real world experience. One of my professors works on Madison Avenue creating ads for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Rolling Stone. My friend's professor works on Donald Trump's campaign (trust me, he hates him as much as the rest of us do). 


Going to school in the most populous city in the US is not how many people imagine college, but I can't imagine going anywhere else. I have always been a bit abnormal in the sense that I am very work-focused and have never been interested in drinking, smoking, or drugs, which is a large part of the campus culture at many schools. FIT is a dry campus. People do party and go to clubs (some students went clubbing and saw Louis Tomlinson last week), but living in this city and environment fosters creativity and good, productive work, not just from adults, but from students, as well. At school, I'll meet someone and later come to find out that they're a YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, a model, a music producer, etc. I get to rub shoulders with people whose careers, ethics, and accomplishments I admire daily, in class and on the street. It is impossible not to be motivated here.


That said, I have definitely not lost my sense of optimism. This city is full of surprises, many of which are beautiful. I've been given America's Got Talent tickets by another student. The other day at the post office, the man took pity on me and gave me a free box and tape to ship my shoes in. I bought a mini icebox cake for my friend and I to share and they gave us one for free. We discovered Eloise at The Plaza was playing in the basement of the Plaza. 


You see a lot of pain living here, but if you choose to see the good and be optimistic, it's a wonderful place to live. It's impossible not to be grateful for all of the city's surprises, good and bad.

I don't really know where to take this blog, I'm hoping for some constructive insight from you guys! What would you enjoy for me to post about? Fashion? Restaurants? School? Advice? Organization? My weird struggle coming to terms with the fact that I'm an adult now? I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure what you want to see. Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

I had some computer issues recently and luckily had them resolved at the Apple Store the other day so I finally was able to bring my camera back out tonight and photograph my evening!

Here's Friday in New York City.

I woke up around 9 am for my 10:10am class.

Moped around my room for about 30 minutes with my roommate Nhoa (also in the class with me). 

Got an email saying that class was cancelled. 


then back in my PJs and back to sleep.

Woke up again went on my first major grocery shopping mission!!!


I made a meal plan the other night. This was hard and took a lot of time, I'm not sure how I'm going to do this every week for the rest of my life. Yay. but I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and brought my reusable grocery bags so I felt accomplished. and I only impulse bought a couple things, including a new succulent for the window!

I actually limited myself at whole foods, proud moment

I actually limited myself at whole foods, proud moment

then I came home, ate really quickly, and ran out to my Fashion Business Practices class (all of FIT's classes are around 3 hours, it's pretty brutal. they fly by though!)

Class was great. There is a professional drag queen in my class whom I wanted to meet, but I had to run out immediately after because I drank a 16oz coffee during class and my bladder was about to explode.

I ran home and took a tiny lil nap. Then our friends Amanda and Emma came over so we could go to the Whitney!

The Whitney Museum of Art is in the Meatpacking District and features primarily American modern art. It is a hot spot right now because it was recently remodeled and it has gorgeous views of the Hudson, Freedom Tour, and Empire State Building. I tried to get my friends to go with me last Friday, they didn't want to... lo and behold, people saw Katy Perry there that night. No celebrity sightings tonight, kinda a bummer. One day I'll find you, Penn Badgley. One day.

It was pay what you want night, so the line was around the block. I paid 25 cents which was really embarrassing. But it's college, so I'm good. 

(most nyc museums have friday nights as pay what you want nights, it's an easy way to view awesome art and great views of the city for a much smaller price than usual. I highly recommend it)

naturally we went right to the roof to take pictures first. we tried to make it so we could watch the sunset up there, but we were late on the subway and got turned around as always.

I'm a huge fan of modern art, so I loved the Whitney, especially the lower floors.

There were some odd pieces that made Amanda and I die laughing. There was a video of a man dressed up as a demonic creature dancing and we both left that display in tears. I don't understand how people keep a straight face through something like that. we also went into one of the theater displays and saw a video that looked like one of those terrible viral YouTube videos from like 2005. 

That's what made the museum so wonderful, though. The many rooftops, the laughter, the gorgeous sculptures and paintings. It gives a varied experience and you can tell the new museum was well thought out. I have so many fond memories from just one night there.

also there was a lady sleeping on one of the benches in the middle of all of the art. you can see her on amanda's instagram (@amaux).

after that we walked back to the subway station. considered eating in the Meatpacking, but decided to get Asian food at Kobeyaki across from campus because everything in the Meatpacking has 3 dollar signs on Yelp. Meaning that it is crazy expensive and college students must beware.

after we got our takeout, we came back to the room, drank sparkling pina colada welches juice, and danced and sang to throwback music. luckily no noise complaints because the dorms are normally vacant on friday nights. there was a yacht party going on tonight and I kind of wish I went just so I could get good pictures of the city from the Hudson, is that bad?

after the rapping got a bit out of hand (sorry to everyone who saw on snapchat), we decided to go get dessert, this time with my suitemate Courtney, who was already in bed in sweats watching Parks and Rec (we're soulmates, clearly). we took a free Lyft (we overutilize all of the free codes for driving services, it's bad) to NYU for some Thai smashed ice cream, which is just as cool as it sounds. they make it right in front of you and it's gorgeous. (I CE NY, totally recommended)

then we came back and passed out for the night (minus me, I sit here blogging this). tomorrow morning we're going to the beach so I am off to bed after this post! some other exciting happenings, I will be seeing Justin Bieber in concert next week (I'm not a fan, but it's free), working at Fashion Week, and hopefully seeing Death Cab for Cutie next weekend! 

shamless plug: my boyfriend has been working on new music and he's pretty amazing. jordanneese0.bandcamp.com for the latest. Better Me is my personal favorite at the moment. He doesn't even know I'm doing this, I just enjoy it that much I think you all should hear it!


Also: I'm working on getting a more effective email subscription service in order. That should be sorted out by my next post, which will definitely be much sooner than four months from now.

I've missed you, friends. Hope your school year is off to a splendid start.



(editor's note, I just realized Nhoa's in only one of these photos. I am sorry Nhoa I'm not sure why we split up in the Whitney)