week at the beach

Every time Jordan visits me in the city, he laments about how there's nothing to do where he lives. J is currently taking classes on the beautiful NC coast to save money so he can transfer. Naturally I was skeptical of how "boring" it is according to him, due to the huge draw of North Carolina beaches, with people from all over the world enjoying them each year. 

sunset beach

sunset beach

I spent the past week at J's place at the beach. He made a cute little itinerary of things to do every day. Unfortunately all of the places he planned for us to enjoy had inconvenient winter hours or were closed. I completely understand how boring it is now.

J's brilliance  

J's brilliance  

On the bright side, Jordan got to experience my Trader Joe's "cooking" expertise and he was highly impressed. Probably too impressed that I could heat things up in a microwave or stovetop. Not sure what he is eating regularly down there. He says pizza and vegan hot dogs.

I was able to finish Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill while I was there. If you're a fan of the Kennedys, I highly recommend this read! Clint was Jackie's head secret service agent and came to know her very well during the administration. It was thrilling to read about Jackie's lavish jaunts around the world, conversing with diplomats and enjoying culture. Clint recalls every detail very well, to the point where you feel like you know Jackie by the end. 

The highlight of the trip was going to be a trip to Charleston on the last day. J has never been, and the last time I went I was too small to remember. We had planned to go to the waterfront park and a plantation, as well as eat at some of the great vegetarian restaurants there!

We drove the two and a half hours there only to find that the streets were flooded from the rainstorm that day. On top of that, we both were sick from a cold J caught at the beginning of the trip.

None of this trip went the way we hoped, but we still had the best time. We got to visit our friend Gianni at his college, experience downtown Wilmington a small amount, see the sunset at the beach, and record an Ingrid Michaelson cover!

Sorry for the shaky video, it was all just for fun so we didn't take the filming too seriously.  

I'm currently en route to Asheville for a weekend with my family! I'll have a post up about that soon.

enjoy your weekend!