the bodysuit, 3 ways: a fall lookbook

Hi internet friends!

Last weekend we did a little shoot with 3 takes on the bodysuit for fall. Bodysuits were such a no-brainer for the hot summer months with just a simple pair of cutoffs over them, but we wanted to try to bring them into a new season in creative ways. It's truly such a versatile piece that can be fun to experiment with and throw under anything. Here's the looks we came up with:

featuring gussie caputo + juliet reich dowman, shot by mauro carignano in Washington Square Park // many thanks to LIVELY for providing the bodysuits for us! // if you want this bodysuit (the comfiest, EVER) 10% off, use EMILY-N at checkout (expires 10/31)

gussie's look: on the fringe

Gussie is the type of cool girl who somehow snags the BEST thrift store finds every time. Here's an example of one of her iconic casual looks that turns heads on the street. She always has me in awe of her style, it's hard not to be inspired since I live with her! 

 bodysuit // LIVELY (c/o)

pants // Levi's

jacket // thrifted

belt // vintage

shoes // Vans

that beautiful yellow bag // Anthropologie

juliet's look: faux fur fever

Juliet got this jacket at Macy's Herald Square last weekend and my god, was the look on her face when she was talking about it worth me trudging through several floors of Trolls advertisements. One of my favorite things about fashion is seeing people fall in love with a piece like it's an old friend.

bodysuit // LIVELY (c/o)

jacket // Guess

pants // Zara

shoes // Forever 21

necklace // Anthropologie

rings // her grandmother's

em's look: the classic twist

Something about this skirt makes life feel a little more magic. I've worn it in shoots before because I think when I look back, it'll make this time of my life feel even more enchanted than it already does. Even on my worst day, I'm 19 years old and am lucky enough to be living every dream I've ever had. It's hard not to smile when I remind myself of that.

bodysuit // LIVELY (c/o)

leather jacket // All Saints

skirt // Anthropologie

heels // Madewell, but I definitely wore Birkenstocks on the train to Washington Square Park because stillettos HURT, man!!!!

There was a dog swimming in the fountain in 40 degree weather. We were utterly floored by this.

Juliet is the Big Friendly Giant, maybe. Even with my heels on, she's still so much taller than us and we love her for it.

Happy peeps living our best lives. Hope you are, too.

My Philadelphia vlog will be up next week with a cameo from the Neese brothers, prepare yourselves for that. 

Hope October is bringing you all of the spooky, warm, pumpkin-y joys you've dreamt of since August. There's apple cider in my fridge and I'm a happy girl. 

until next time,