the november edit





hey internet friends!

I've been pretty MIA lately on this blog. I've spent a lot of time enjoying autumn in New York, which is utterly intoxicating and exhilarating all at once. It's the last hurrah before a cruel winter where I will be peeking out of my parka hood for months. 

November has been wonderful. I've put together some images and vignettes from this past month so you can all experience fall the way I do here for a bit.

I // the halloween street

Occasionally, when I tell people my address, they remark "oh, you live on the Halloween street!" and I used to smile politely and say "I guess so!"

On October 31st, I LEARNED.

I invited my friend Madi over to walk around my street since it was nicely decorated. When I got home from work, I was shocked to find the entirety of New York had decided to do the same thing.

I spent most of the night inside, but Madi and I ventured out around 9 to see all of the decorations once the crowds were gone.

It was a lot of fun, and it felt wonderful to be a small piece of a NY tradition. 


My job with LIVELY continues to be the most fun thing ever. The first weekend of November we did a pop-up within what is usually an office building. We completely transformed the space for us, Onomie Beauty, and AELLA to take over for the weekend.

We had an incredible turnout, and I was able to meet hundreds of amazing women who are passionate about our bras and bralettes! We did a happy hour Friday night and a talk in collaboration with OKReal and Cyndi Ramirez on Saturday. It was empowering hearing about Cyndi's new endeavors within the hospitality industry and on her blog. 

ALSO, I bought the best turtleneck in the entire universe at this pop-up. It is the softest thing I've ever put on my body. It's this sweater. First of all, IT'S MACHINE WASHABLE. Second, it's softer than the cashmere I've tried on in my life. Third, it goes with everything. I also got 15% off and I think the code was either GIRLONTHEGO or GIRLGO. If you're looking for a gift for the crazy busy lady boss in your life, it's probably this.

AND, to make this weekend even better, I tried my first Union Fare croissant. I got the birthday cake flavor and it was tremendous. I recommend if you're ever in the Union Square/Fifth Ave area.

III / Juliet is 20

That Saturday night, I had Juliet's birthday dinner at Bar Pitti. Juliet is 20 now, which is the most exciting thing in the whole wide world. The first image is her gift box that I DIY'd. I've been really into DIYing everything lately, to mixed results.

Here are some things you must know about Juliet:

  1. She can recite almost any phrase from Spongebob or Drake and Josh. Most of the time I don't understand it and she is disappointed.
  2. She absolutely loves cheese, even more than I do probably, which is saying something. Mauro (her boyfriend) got her a book about cheese for her birthday.
  3. She loves absolutely every kind of animal, even Mauro's ferret, who lowkey scares me a little. 
  4. She also would want me to tell you that her coat is faux fur. (I gotchu girl)

It was a great night full of all of her friends. The food was spectacular. As you can see, I already wore the sweater that I got that same day. A testament to its softness.

I am grateful for Juliet and I think she is an extremely cool human being whom you should all meet if you get a chance.

IV / being alone

Another thing I've enjoyed this fall is spending some time by myself. It's so important to be your own best friend and cultivate that relationship in my opinion. It gives me time to think about my life and where I'm headed in the future, as well as appreciate small details that I may miss while socializing. I met a great couple at a restaurant and we chatted for awhile when I was by myself.

There's something very vulnerable and simultaneously freeing about it. Now, I try to carve out time every weekend to venture around the city alone and take everything in.


V // Election

Like literally everyone else in this country, I had a strong reaction to the election. I almost wrote a post about it, but it was hard to put into words. I also knew that it will be a stupid shout into the post-election madness void. 

I gave myself one day to be sad. I woke up and cried for all of the women who will have to watch their abuser become inaugurated in January. I also wept for all of the minorities and other marginalized groups that will have to fight even harder these next 4 years. New York was gray that day. All of the trains were silent.

I didn't dwell, though. We can't. We can't cry about it. We have to take action. 

I've been encouraged seeing all of the protests around my city, misconstrued by the media as "rioting." Did not witness any violence nor heard of anyone I knew who did. The Subway Therapy project is also incredibly encouraging, and it's still going on to my knowledge. 

As for me, I am trying to be better in every aspect of my life. It was a big wakeup call for me. It was gut-wrenching to realize that a woman could work her ass off, make a couple mistakes, apologize, and never live them down, while a man could continually make massive mistakes, refuse to apologize, and succeed. 

I'm gonna have to fight for a lot of things in life because of my sex, and I'm learning to accept that as reality. It's unjust and terrible, but I'm going to have to deal with it.

I've been exercising more and reading more. I just finished The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and thoroughly enjoyed it. Gussie and I have been going to candlelit yoga on Sundays, it's incredibly therapeutic. A lot of long walks, a lot of heart to hearts with people who matter to me.

I am helping on a micro-level in any way that I can. I am beginning to volunteer at a soup kitchen in January with my dear friend and co-worker, Ash. I'm also hoping to become involved in women's organizations around the city. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. I'm really interested in the Lower East Side Girls Club, but there is a long application process and it appears that they are overwhelmed with mentors currently.

That weekend, I spent some time walking around Columbia, where Obama went to college. I'm thinking of getting my Masters degree from there. It was so peaceful.

VI // DIY JCrew Sweater

It's not really a secret (at least at my school) that JCrew isn't doing so hot. Fast fashion is ripping into their profits and it's been tough for them these days. When I saw this sweater from them, I knew (and was thrilled for them) that it would be a hit. It was completely sold out, so I decided to create my own version with an old sweater and some grosgrain ribbon.

If you're diggin it, let me know, I can do a whole tutorial. It took me all of 15 minutes and $11 to make it (because I didn't already have a sewing kit). I don't think it's been restocked, but it's called the Gayle Sweater on their website if you want to purchase one!

VII / The Cloisters

I took Renaissance-Modern Art History last year around this time, and that's when I first heard about the Cloisters. It's a branch of the MET located far, far North on the A and 1 trains, about 40 minutes from my apartment. and it's a CASTLE.


I knew I had to go, it just took me a year to get there.

It's full of medieval art and all of the stained glass that a girl could ever dream of.

Juliet and I went during !peak fall beauty~!!!! and had an amazing adventure. 

My favorite fall images from our time there are pictured above! 

VIII // The New Museum

Pipilotti Rist's exhibit at the New Museum is making absolute waves around the city right now, so my art friend Madi and I decided to go! Also -- the subway adverts for it are so freaky. Google them. You'll get a spook.

This exhibit was my favorite museum exhibit of all time, and unlike anything I've ever seen. 

Pipilotti is a multimedia artist, mostly working in film. Each floor was a different experience. Most famous (at least on Instagram) is the Pixel Forest room, which had these strings of lights you could walk through.

My favorite room had beds strewn all over the space, with video projections on the ceiling. It almost felt like you were drowning. I was breathless the entire time.

It was effective in the way that I left feeling different and new. And, as you can see in the last picture, the line got CRAZY long! So maybe try to go in the morning? I'm not sure why that was. We went around 1pm and there was no long line.

Also -- the Sky Room is really cool if you go. A good spot for photos.

Come with an open mind. It closes January 15th, I highly suggest experiencing it if you can!

IX // Thanksgiving with Family

Another reason why New York is the best: everyone wants to come visit.

Last year, my mom, dad, and brothers came. This year I was lucky enough to have them, my grandparents, my Uncle Paul and his girlfriend Jennel, and BRYN COME!!!!!

It was a wonderful few days with lots of family time. We saw the balloons get blown up, watched the parade at the end of my street (did I mention that I love my street?!), spent a lot of time in the Park with Bryn, and ate some tasty food. 

Bryn did surprisingly well with the city and other dogs. She even peed on the sidewalk once, the true mark of a city slicker pup.

Next year I might not be in New York during the fall, but I hope this can carry on as a tradition. I love being the hostess and having my family in my city is beyond any blessing I could've imagined.

X // and that's November.

I was gonna include Black Friday, but the amount I spent was genuinely shameful. I don't wanna talk about it. BUT I did get all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped before December, so I feel amazing.

Now time to tackle finals. I'm not really the type to stress about them because in the whole scheme of life a grade doesn't matter, so I'm just taking things as they come and looking forward to Christmas break.

Also, looking into grad school?! I can't believe next year is my senior year. It's just bananas.

I have two really, really exciting things in the pipeline right now. I know people say that a lot, but this is in the caliber that they will both completely alter the path of my life if they work out. Good vibes sent my way would be much appreciated!!! (I'll probably know about them both in the next month or two and will update you accordingly :) )

I hope you all are taking a second to breathe and enjoy the holidays! I'm dogsitting this weekend and it's been so nice to be outdoors and have this immense peace.

AND can we talk about how good the movies are coming out recently?! I don't even watch movies often, but I'm going to see Jackie tonight with Cat and I'm intending to see La La Land when I get home for Christmas! Others on my list: Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea. What are you guys watching/loving?!

Scandal took over my life this past month, as well. I can't wait for the new season in January! Is anyone else watching that? I've heard This is Us is worth a watch too, maybe that will be my winter break show.

Love you all a lot! I'm going to get my Philly vlog up this week because it's so overdue that it's embarrassing.