take 2

hi friends!

I just moved into my brand new place last week! The space could not be any more perfect for my roommate Gussie and I. Some of you requested that I post a vlog of my moving process, so I threw together this hodge podge of clips from my weekend of moving in!

Much love to my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Caputo, and Gussie for making this moving process as smooth as possible!

Our place is really coming together. Our couch is coming Wednesday, our office is complete, our bathroom is done, and so is our kitchen! Now all that's left is perfecting our lofts.

It's crazy that, as of today, I've lived in Manhattan for an entire year. Last year around this time I was feeling simultaneously thrilled and reluctant, unsure of what was to come. At the time it was very exciting, but looking back, I am happy to be taking the next step into what my life will become.

The first year of any major life change is packed with energy and excitement, but can also be riddled with rampant inconsistency and emotion. I remember my first years of high school and middle school as being so exciting, but in retrospect, it's easier to spot the rougher spots. Like at the sixth grade end-of-year pool party when I wore an Aeropostale bikini and told my friends to tell my "crush" that I liked him. He stopped talking to me after that. Be confident, damn it, sixth grade Emily!!! Do better!!!!

God, looking back is the WORST. But you have to learn to laugh at yourself. I've made so many ugly mistakes, it makes me laugh sometimes that I even have someone reading this right now and taking me seriously. (thanks for that, by the way)

Regardless, it's incredible how much more stable and comfortable year 2 feels. 

The move was smoother, I'm living with one of my best friends, and we have FRIENDS here. In my first week here, we had a picnic in Central Park with Juliet, Garrett, and Dylan; Alex helped us put in our AC, and I treated Cat to ice cream because she landed 3 pages in the September issue of Nylon! NYC just feels immensely better once you have a little baby network of friends.

We also knocked a can of shaving cream out the window, took an AC unit off of the street, and witnessed someone steal a license plate from a parked car. But those are stories for another time.

I landed an internship this semester, so I'll be working 2 days there, 2 days at my retail job, and will be at school 2 days (18 credit hours still though). I'm thinking this might be too much, but I'm trying to push myself while still maintaining some semblance of balance. I'll let you know how it goes!

Overall, I just feel deeply grateful for everything. Obviously I worked hard in many ways to get to where I am, but I am also incredibly privileged to have such supportive parents, friends, and family who have helped me to transition to my new life here. 

I've been thinking about this one memory for the past few days. Last November, my dad came to visit. I was going through a particularly rough time. I had become obsessed with the Upper West Side after trekking up there one day, and we went to look at two apartments. I was devastated when my dad told me I couldn't move after my first semester ended. 

During the apartment search this summer, I genuinely thought that we could not afford this area. We spent the most time looking on the Upper East Side, slowly accepting that the train ride to school would be 45 minutes. We looked at place after place and things fell through each time. One day our broker emailed us with this unique listing only 2 blocks from the apartments I toured on the Upper West with Dad, and the building was even more beautiful than the one I originally saw. The stars aligned and by some miracle we got it! 

As cliché as it is, things work out as they should. Always. It's hard to trust in the unknown, but sometimes you have to lay back and let the universe work its magic for you. "Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe" (by Yumi Sakugawa) might put you at ease a little bit. Little reading suggestion for ya.

I definitely will post an apartment tour video at some point. The space is really beautiful and I'm dying to share it with the internet, but Gussie and I want to take our time building it into what we envision. For now, I'm sharing little snapshots on Snapchat and Instagram if you want to follow me there (@neffily)!

Best of luck to everyone starting a new semester/moving this month! Use Chegg to rent your textbooks, be grateful for AC, and smile a lot. You kicked butt to get to where you are, so enjoy it!