breaking up with bra shopping (as we know it)

Today I'm gonna tell you a story about a little girl who saw something strange, grew into a big girl, and decided that she wanted to change it.

This is a happy story, but it has to start out a little serious.


To put it lightly, there are a lot of inconveniences about being a woman. Childbirth and sexual assault come to mind, but on the more minor end, bra shopping.

I remember being dragged into bra stores by my mom as a young girl and feeling utterly confused and embarrassed. No one pictured on the walls looked like any woman I knew, and none of them looked happy. The lighting was dark and menacing, and I hated it.

I figured that I may grow into it, but I never did. 

As I grew into an adult, I realized that I didn't want to be a part of that narrative of femininity at all. Some men made it very clear that they only saw me as a sexual object already, which turned me off of wanting to go into an entire STORE about that exact concept. 

The body positivity movement has gained incredible momentum, with women demanding more transparency when it comes to Photoshop, more diversity of body type and skin color, and more lingerie made for comfort and daily use, not to impress men. Some major companies have adjusted for this, launching no-Photoshop initiatives and adjusting their product lines. 

I see women harmfully affected by the fabricated, outdated marketing messages that companies perpetuate all the time. I feel like a garment you wear EVERY day should uplift you and make you feel good, not inconvenience you and create harmful attitudes toward your own body.


Shopping for undergarments was always a chore I hated until one fateful April day on Instagram.

I discovered LIVELY.


I immediately was drawn into their Instagram feed, full of women doing what they love. Their images were flooded with light, and the designs were unique and beautiful. It took me 2 months, but I decided to ORDER BRAS ONLINE (nervously) and hope for the best.


I haven't looked back since.

LIVELY bras are the most comfortable that I have ever owned. I'm a 32DD, so it's hard for me to find bralettes that fit me comfortably and bras where the shoulder straps don't slide off 24/7. The three bras I've ordered from LIVELY have fit perfectly, despite the fact that I'm a fairly uncommon size (Aerie didn't even carry it in their stores). They offer free and easy returns, so making the plunge into online bra shopping wasn't daunting for me. Their fit guide online features women of all body types so you can get a sense of how one would look on you.

My mom had a double mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery 2 years ago, so it made me happy to see that they carry a lot of bralettes and no-wire options for her. They have a wide range of underwear and bras, ranging from push-up, to no-wire, to t-shirt, but the most popular are probably their iconic bralettes. You'll want to plan your outfits around them, they're that cute. 

The bras are incredibly affordable at only $35 each, and there is a discount when you buy more than one. There is also a referral program where you can earn points based on referrals that lead to discounts, which makes spreading the word even more enjoyable.


I loved the products so much that when they posted about searching for a fall marketing intern, I jumped at the chance. Instead of the standard cover letter, I wrote about my dissatisfaction with the lingerie industry and how passionate I was about what they were doing.

Ali, their director of marketing, emailed me back and told me that she loved my blog and Instagram, which is UNHEARD of in Manhattan. Most companies I have emailed in the past didn't email back, let alone take a look at my personal projects. When I came in for my interview, Ali didn't pitch me the BS "tell me your strengths and weaknesses" interview questions. We talked about the way our industry is evolving and things that really mattered. It felt organic, it felt real. 

On my first day, everyone hugged me. We have "Good Vibes Only" signs all over the office. Never did I think I would be able to work at a company that I love so much. I don't fetch people coffee, I get to do real marketing work and apply material I've learned in my major every day I'm there. I couldn't be more grateful that they decided to give me a shot. I'm constantly inspired by my coworkers and the energy at the office. I couldn't be any luckier.


So that's the story. That's how a 19 year-old girl landed a job on the 10th floor of a Midtown office building doing exactly what she loves. I look out the marketing office window every day and smile. 

LIVELY launched in April, and our bras have already been seen on Khloe Kardashian and Gigi Hadid within 4 months. I can't even imagine where LIVELY will be in a year, but I hope you'll experience this ride with us. We just launched our Snapchat (wearlively) and have some fun content coming up, stay can also find us over on Instagram (wearlively)!


You can get a tank like this one above (yes, it's crazy comfy!) if you spend over $100 by midnight tonight. For $10 off, use my code EMILY-N (expires on Halloween, so act kinda soon)!

Go ham, order a bunch, return what you don't like, fall in love. I'm convinced you will!


The piece pictured above is my new fav from the All Day Series, the Deep V bralette. It's made out of the softest t-shirt material, holy moly. In the photo I'm showing Gussie how to use my camera. Accidental shot, but I kinda fell in love with it. Just lounging and doing what I love!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Go enrich yourself at a gallery, branch out, try something new! I'm signing up for a meditation class because I have been told I am incapable of relaxing, I'll let you know how that goes!