come along with me: museum of ice cream

You knew this post was coming...

Last week, Nhoa and I attended the Museum of Ice Cream.

right across from the Whitney Museum entrance, great location

right across from the Whitney Museum entrance, great location

This was supposed to be a pop-up in the Meatpacking District for the month August, but, due to insane demand, the exhibit was extended through part of September. We got tickets for September 1st due to my super cool friend Gabby notifying me as soon as the second batch of tickets went out (thanks Gabby!!!). 

I was originally hoping to make a short film of my experience in the museum, but the museum was insanely crowded so it wasn't possible. I did have my camera on hand to take some shots and walk you guys through the exhibit if you didn't have the chance to go!

Tickets were $19.75, which I thought was pretty reasonable. We got ice cream twice in the exhibit, an ice cream cone in New York is normally around $5 or more, so for that + the rest of the exhibit, I thought the price was fair.

We were greeted by a couple of museum employees. One complimented me on my "wellies", which was pretty adorable. It was a rainy day so I had to wear my clunky rain boots through the museum.

Here's some photos from the entrance. They had a little ice cream stand and we had some pretty delicious blueberry ice cream from McConnell's. I like how they chose an ice cream brand that is California-based because I wouldn't have been able to try it otherwise!

They also had some art in the entryway, which is pictured below. They had a little animated gif maker that was cute, as well!

The next section of the museum was a sugar balloon room. Here, we were given edible balloons. Nhoa and I messed ours up of course while we were taking pictures, but Nhoa got another because she couldn't pass up a chance to inhale helium. Typical.

The rest of this room was just two walls for photo ops.

The next room was sponsored by some Fox TV show. It was to create "the world's biggest ice cream sundae" or something, wasn't explained that well. They made sure to clarify NOT to eat the ice cream because it's mixed with Play Dough. 

Next was the chocolate room. It was basically just a giant brown pillow with a projection of some chocolate video, with a shrine to Dove chocolate. I will say that the chocolate was pretty good. It was basically just a holding room before the sprinkle pool.

Next was the much anticipated Sprinkle Pool. This was my favorite room. It was a TON of fun. They do only give you 5 minutes in there for about 10 people to take pictures and play, which ended up being really stressful. Of course, this is totally understandable due to the high demand of tickets, but taking photos was a challenge.



Next was the tasting room! They gave Nhoa and I a little pill to take that makes sour things taste sweet. We let it sit in our mouths as we browsed the art. Once it dissolved, we were able to try a lemon and some ice cream. The lemon tasted bizarre, still tangy but not as sour. It was actually quite pleasant.

My popsicle dress just perfectly matched this museum. It was a match made in heaven.

Lastly, there was a cute little room sponsored by Tinder. It had an ice cream swing, an ice cream scooper see-saw, and a sprinkle wall. It also had you "build" the best ice cream sundae using an interface where you swipe right or left (just like Tinder). At the end, you could see how other New Yorkers voted. I'm a sucker for statistics (the marketing major in me), so that was cool to see!

Nhoa and I just did the swing because it was crowded in this room.

And that's it!

I know the internet made you feel like you were missing out on something AMAZING, but truly, it was mostly just an Instagram opportunity. I'm a complete nerd, so I was hoping for some more facts about ice cream and extra time to just savor it. 

It was a good time, but it's important to know going into it that the demand is higher than they expected, so you're sacrificing a bit of the experience due to high demand. I thought it was a fun time, but if you missed it, it is not a big deal! If you follow them on Instagram, you pretty much got the whole experience.

The great news is that Refinery29's 29Rooms exhibit is coming up!!! I did a post on it last year which you can read here. This is their second year doing it and I can't wait to see what's in store this time. 

Talk to you all soon! I have some exciting content coming up that I'm excited to share.

Thank you for following me along on my journey! I'm so lucky to be able to share my life with such supportive people.

Make it a great Wednesday!