photo post: museum of feelings

just wanted to post a quick little photo journey for you guys about my experience at the Museum of Feelings! It is a temporary exhibit running up until December 15th at 230 Vesey St in the FiDi. Glade sponsored this pop-up and it's been drawing great crowds each day. Congratulations to Glade and thank you so much for choosing our city for this experience!

We waited in line about an hour (we arrived at 6:30pm on a Thursday) and it was the perfect time to catch up with my lovely friend Ama! It's a bit chilly at night in the city now, so if you plan on going, I recommend grabbing some red velvet hot chocolate from Sprinkles in Hudson Eats (within the Brookfield Place Mall) to soften the blow of the long wait. We hung out in Brookfield Place to look at the luminaries exhibit afterward, it is brand new and has a beautiful view of the Hudson!

Each room is associated with a different feeling. These feelings are supposedly chosen based off of real time data from social media in NYC. Each room has a visual and tangible sensory experience, as well as a scent associated with it.

It was well-worth the wait and I highly recommend attending if you are able to! It is such a positive experience that is perfect to get you in a calm mindset before finals. The line moves quickly and all of the staff is friendly!